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Maintenance and Care

Taking care of the lacquered wooden floors is quite simple.

Please follow the rules below:

  • maintain indoor humidity in between 40 and 60 %,
  • indoor temperature must be kept around +18 C and up to +24 C degrees, which eliminates the probability of deformation and formation of gaps on the wooden floors, especially during the winter heating season;
  • it is recommended to use the humidifier if the relative humidity is below 40 %;
  • to prevent the accumulation of sand and water in the room doormats should be used;
  • felt patches should be attached to the base of the furniture (tables, chairs , etc.). Chairs, armchairs and other furniture on rollers should be used together with the polymeric mats;
  • try to eliminate the possibility of water splashing on the surface of the wooden floor (for example, excessively wet floor cleaning floor);
  • do not carry out works on the floor that can damage the finish of the wooden floors;
  • use vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning; in case of largely stained floor neutral detergent (pH 6-8) must be used; avoid using aggressive cleaning materials and strong solvents.